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Wondering where to find a stem cell treatment center that has performed stem cell therapy with great success for many patients just like you? Take a look inside Regenocyte Adult Stem Cell Clinic in Florida.

There are few stem cell clinics in America that can boast as high a success rate as Regenocyte Adult Stem Cell Clinic. Under the direct operation of board certified cardiologist Dr. Zannos Grekos, this innovative stem cell clinic is quickly becoming the most recommended stem cell transplant center in the western hemisphere. Dr. Grekos and his team of technicians and physicians at many active stem cell research centers around the globe are breaking boundaries and saving lives with stem cell technology.

Working with centers of excellence in stem cell transplant technology, Dr. Grekos provides an option for Americans suffering from many severe illnesses and diseases. And while there are no stem cell clinics in the U.S. performing stem cell therapy stateside, Dr. Grekos has built an international relationship with private funded stem cell research centers, hospitals using stem cell therapy, and laboratories equipped to begin the regeneration process. These vital medical connections allow Dr. Grekos to initiate stem cell treatment for Americans that want solutions beyond borders.

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Recent studies have shown positive results for spinal cord injury using stem cell treatment centers, and stem cell lung treatment hospitals in u.s.

Watch video testimonials of patients after treatment at Regenocyte Adult Stem Cell Clinic.

Patients undergoing stem cell therapy begin their journey in Naples, Florida and finalize their stem cell treatments in a beautiful state-of-the-art medical facility in the Dominican Republic.

Stem cell transplantation is not complicated or dangerous. The stem cell treatment starts with a sample of blood that is sent to a laboratory in Israel where specially trained stem cell research clinicians grow or regenerate additional stem cells that will be later used in the stem cell treatment phase. The patient then travels to a stem cell treatment center in the Dominican Republic where the newly developed stem cells are transplanted into the area being treated.

It’s true! Stem cell transplantation has been used to avoid amputation. Read more

So even though America lacks a stem cell treatment center that has FDA approval to perform the entire stem cell transplant procedure, the process is approved for use in medical facilities across the globe and the services provided by Dr. Grekos do not break any legal boundaries.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What diseases can be treated with stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is being used to treat a myriad of conditions and diseases. In fact, patients with spinal cord injuries and diabetics are seeing amazing results. Stem cell therapy is also used to treat heart disease, COPD, and damage caused by heart attacks.

How do I know if stem cell therapy is right for me?

Stem cell therapy research is being conducted in clinics all over the world. Your desire to discover the benefits of stem cell treatments is a brave and smart decision that you will be happy you made. However, some conditions are not remedied by stem cell therapy. It is important to find a physician you trust that has knowledge of stem cell research and its treatment capabilities.

Dr. Zannos Grekos is a board certified cardiologist who currently also attends to patients that are not ideal candidates for stem cell therapy. At the Heart & Vascular Institute, Dr. Zannos and his will only recommend the course of action that fits the patient. Discover more about why stem cell therapy might be right for you HERE

Why can’t I receive stem cell therapy at a clinic in the U.S.?

Stem cell transplantation technology and stem cell research in America lag behind the advancements made in the international medical community. However, through the Regenocyte Adult Stem Cell Clinic, patients can rely on an American doctor that provides legal options to obtain this dynamic and successful new therapy.

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